Liberty Goomboorian Fuels Human Powered Vehicle

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For those in our community that were not aware, Tin Can Bay State School has its own human powered vehicle team (HPV).

The teams, under the guidance of teacher/coach David Dorey, have experienced many successes since they began back in 2021.

Despite running on pedal power the team unfortunately still require fuel for transportation to the competition venues – the rising cost fuel is one of the biggest expenses the HPV team face.

“It’s not just to transport the team”, said Coach Dorey. “There is also the convoy of vehicles we need to move the equipment and need to set up our camp and pits area for a race weekend”.

Thanks to the generosity of another local supporter, the Tin Can Bay State School HPV team recently received a huge helping hand from Liberty Goomboorian and Ross Creek Store.

Sunstate Petroleum manager Denise donated two prepaid Visa cards valued at $500 each.

This kind donation will go directly to sponsoring two of the four races the teams will be attending in 2024.

Coach Dorey says that this saving is passed directly to the students to reduce the cost of travelling to the races as they will be able to purchase the fuel wherever they go.

Tin Can Bay State School, Coach Dorey, volunteers and the teams are pleased to welcome their newest community minded sponsor and will proudly carry their logo in the HPV’s to show their support for the students of Tin Can Bay School.

Jenni Jackson

David Dorey accepts the Visa cards from Sunstate Petroleum manager Denise at Liberty/Ross Creek Store Goomboorian.